Dapo Oni

Experience Designer

My interest in technology and how it intersects with human behavior is largely what got me into design. I’ve made it my goal has been to expose myself to a diverse set of problems in order to be an effective team-member no matter where I land.



exhibit promotion

Good & Evil

Goal —

The basis of this project was to create promotional materials for an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art for my Graphic Design Studio Class. My chosen artist was the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
This exhibit design was inspired by a quote from the late designer Alexander McQueen:

“I oscillate between life and death, happines and sadness, good and evil” - On Savage Beauty

The contrast between good and evil is shown first with the mark, which utilizes negative space that contrasts the color and content placed behind it.

Credit to Anne Deniau for all photos used within this project.

preliminary designs

decided to go with a new direction towards something that felt stronger

the mark I made for the new direction to tie all of the materials together