Dapo Oni

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package design

4 Elements Vaporizer Liquids

Goal —

I was given the task of creating 4 products that could be packaged (tangible or conceptual) centered around a theme: 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) for our Studio Class. Then those 4 products would need to be combined in a cohesive 4 Elements bundle pack.

I decided to make liquids for vaporizer pens, and narrowed down my ideas to find an aesthetic that I owned to borrow from to add to my design, and that was fashioned after labels for old spirits which were inspired by the labels that apothecaries would use which included stamped numbers, and grids for the product info.  

So I went on to incorporate this combined with a contemporary twist in order for someone buying these products to be able to discern between the different products.

Hang tags would be tied around burlap bags for a more artisan feel.

Packaging mockups and 4 elements logo

Label Designs