Dapo Oni





New stuff Iā€™m trying with product experimentation, branding, and aesthetics. 

Custom Shader + Texture Experiments in C4D

Zen Garden Visual Exploration

One of my first projects for Hololens, using it as an opportunity to learn more about 3D modeling to make assets for my apps and other projects I may have.

The Zen garden is an app for the Microsoft Hololens in which users are able to create their very own virtual garden.

Hololens Sandbox

I started experimenting with the Microsoft Hololens, and I'm also very new to the Unity engine and C# scripting so these are a couple glimpses of some of the functions I'm learning how to use. Using some of these trials to help me as I develop an app that uses the Hololens to interact with objects/interfaces placed in the space around you.

The Night Shift

Product experimentation project using light reflective 3M to simulate neon. Re-releasing soon.


Next Game

An app for finding and arranging pickup games at different New York City Parks. I felt like I was missing the point since the beauty of pickup games is that you can just get your friends together and go with as little friction as possible. This later turned into Catalyst.