Dapo Oni




interaction design + ux + motion


Goal —

A tool I can relate to after spending a couple years helping people out with photography, and design projects here and there, I believe it should be easier to find good help.

Catalyst is a tool that’s meant to help students in new york city ask for help from other art students in the city who are willing to help for profit or simply to collaborate for free on school or side projects. Make it easier to bring people together, while harnessing young energy and talent.

The art student can play any of these roles when using the app—
Organizer — A student in need of help for a project.
Prospect — A student who is offering their skills.

Think of it as a buyer/seller relationship on eBay — you sign up for one account, but you can choose to list items or bid on items whenever you want.

Projects can either be done for profit (Hire) or students can use their skills as currency and create something together for free (Collaborate).

Onboarding Screens

Adding Work to Mini-Portfolio

Filter menu and declining users 

If a user is interested, they can browse through the mini portfolio that the users upload, choose the work they like and use it as a starting point for a conversation.

In-App Notifications that users can view and respond to

Selected Screens

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat more about my process and some of the additional features of this app!